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COVID-19 has had a BIG impact on all of us. We're still open and there's plenty of space for you to maintain correct social distancing - we've also included a virtual tour on the site so you can see just how much room there is to move around. When you hire The Egg, you and your crew have the entire building. As you can see, we can fit 33 crew safely in the egg at 2m apart (1.5m is recommended) - not including the outer foyer, loading bay and office space!

The Good Egg Studio is exactly that – an ‘egg’ studio measuring 12m x 17m and a ceiling height of 4.8m. It is the biggest and most user-friendly full egg cyclorama in the Sydney Metropolitan area. 
Designed primarily for cars and trucks, The Good Egg Studio can accommodate everything from go-karts to prime movers – even a full sized double decker bus!


Being the only full size egg in Sydney, I spend a lot of time out at The Good Egg Studio. The motorways make getting to Riverstone easier than I expected, especially as it's against traffic in both directions.

The studio is massive and wraps all the way around, which helps with alleviating reflections in the vehicles, also allowing for larger trucks and buses.

Mark Bean - Mark Bean Photography

The only full egg studio in Sydney



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