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Lighting & Grip

In keeping with our concept of making your life easy, a comprehensive list of tungsten lighting, stands, poles and clamps. Basically everything you need to shoot just about anything you want.

If we don’t have something you need and you don’t have the time to organise the hire, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s there ready for you when you arrive and get it safely returned after you leave.

  • 3 x 5 Kw lights

  • 12 x 2 Kw lights

  • 12 x 1 Kw lights

  • 6 x 650 Kw lights

  • 3 x Dedo lights

  • Multiple stands

  • leads

  • powerboards

  • scaffold/shooting platform/Giant Soft box

  • black fabrics & white reflector boards

  • pressure wash

  • clamps

  • go-jacks

  • vacuum

  • air compressor

  • arcade machine

Parking & Security

When you’ve got a big crew parking is always a problem. We have around 500m2 of onsite parking. 

There is also plenty of street parking, and not a parking cop to be seen.

Keeping the subject matter safe from damage or theft is a given –

but sometimes you need to be extra careful about who sees it.

Maybe it’s a product that hasn’t been seen anywhere in the world.

Perhaps it’s something that’s many months away from launching.

At The Good Egg Studio, you can back a covered truck right inside and unload it without any prying eyes.

Once inside, the studio can be locked up so only you and your crew will know what’s inside.

What’s more, there’s approximately 10m x 10m of enclosed space if the job requires multiple shooting days.

Wash Bay

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a shoot and finding out the subject needs a good tub. Occasionally

you even need to deliberately toss some mud around for effect.

We have a high pressure cleaner available and a wash bay at your disposal that’s included in the hire rates.

If nothing else you can send the assistant out to give your set of wheels a good go over!


Most of the time you can change the background colour with gels but if you’d like to repaint the walls,

we can make this happen – but there’s a catch.

Repainting requires 3 coats of paint to return it to white and a day either side of your hire to make it happen.

This service is possible but it’s on a POA basis.

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